What Can I Expect?

So you need to visit a dietitian or nutritionist. You might be feeling uncertain or concerned about what to expect and what will happen. If you’ve never been to a nutrition professional before, this is completely understandable! Read on to learn what your first visit with me will be like.

What to Bring

It’s helpful to have a list of medical and mental health diagnoses, as well as a list of prescriptions. All of these things can impact your nutrition needs and appetite and have roles in how to tailor the science of nutrition to YOUR individual needs. If you have recent blood labs, that can be helpful, too, because it gives a glimpse into what is going on internally.

What We’ll Talk About

During our first session, I’ll ask about lots of aspects of your life, including what your relationship with food has been like throughout your life, what your current lifestyle looks like, what your normal foods are, and whether movement has a role in your life. It’s okay if this part feels intimidating; it’s tough to be vulnerable, especially about our bodies, with people we don’t know.

I’ll Never Weigh You

In fact, I don’t even find your weight to be useful information. As a Health At Every Size® professional, I want to know about your appetite, energy levels, and functionality, as well as any information such as lab values and blood pressure that you may have from your doctor. This gives me a more accurate insight to your overall health status than weight can provide. We’ll focus instead on how to nourish your body in ways that will support your health goals, since health really isn’t connected to weight. If you notice drastic changes in how your clothes are fitting that point to significant rapid weight gain or loss, I’ll encourage you to see your doctor to figure out if there is a medical problem.

Will I be Put on a Diet?

NOPE. The thing about diets is that they are rigid and don’t account for individuality or preferences. There is no diet that will meet the needs of every single person, even among people with the same medical diagnoses. Instead, I’ll teach you how to choose foods that accommodate your individual needs and allow you to include foods you enjoy. Eventually, you’ll be empowered to navigate food choices independently and with confidence that you’re nourishing your body healthfully!

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