Not Your Average Book Group

One of Wonderfully Well’s top services are book groups. These are organized event series in which members meet via Zoom to discuss and reflect on books in the Health At Every Size® area, including topics such as non-diet nutrition, body acceptance, and fitness. These are not your average book groups – these are intentional growth and learning opportunities blended with community-building and the potential for vulnerability and healing. And, like typical book groups, you’re definitely welcome to enjoy drinks and snacks while connecting with others!

How does this work?

A Wonderfully Well book group consists of several weekly Zoom meetings, usually 5-7 sessions total, depending on the length of the book. The dates and times of the book group will be specified in social media posts and in the book group registration. The first session of each book group is introduction of members and discussion of what to expect in the book, which means there isn’t a reading assignment ahead of time. The reading assignments are spread over the remaining book group sessions, and reading assignments are gentle.

Which books are read?

Wonderfully Well hosts around four book groups annually and we read a variety of books. These books all center around Health At Every Size® concepts. So far, book group offerings have included:

  • Anti-Diet by Christy Harrison
  • The F*ck It Diet by Caroline Dooner
  • Body Respect by Linda Bacon
  • Big Fit Girl by Louise Green
  • Body Happy Kids by Molly Forbes

When you register for a book group, you can buy a hard copy or audio version of the book from your favorite book retailer.

Why not read on my own?

You sure could! The books we read are well-written by smart, skilled people, and the books stand on their own. There are a few reasons to join a Wonderfully Well book group, though:

  • Discussions are guided by me, a Health At Every Size® (HAES) Expert. This means that I can help you understand if you’re interpreting the book or related concepts through a HAES lens and offer clarity where needed.
  • Each reading assignment comes with guided reading questions and personal reflection prompts. These help readers to consider and apply the content of the book in their own lives.
  • Book groups provide accountability! So many of us have books sitting around that we plan to read eventually, and having a set time to meet with other book group members helps provide structure.
  • You can meet others to build or expand your HAES community. The HAES movement is large, but has yet to overtake the mainstream health and wellness community, which means you’ll need others who understand and invest in this philosophy to avoid feeling isolated.

Keep an eye out on social media and sign up for the Wonderfully Well email list so you know when new book groups are starting!

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