Welcome to Wonderfully Well!

I am Jamie M. Marchetti, MS, RDN, LD. I am a creative, intuitive, vibrant, non-diet and Health At Every Size® dietitian with an ardor for helping ordinary people love their lives extraordinarily! My highest compliment to date was from a client who said, “I don’t diet; I ‘Jamie!’”

A swashbuckling happiness warrior, my loftiest aspiration is to help others step into their true selves by finding intuitive health and body acceptance. I hope to position myself to positively impact as many people as possible. If you think you may have an need I could fill, please feel free to reach out! I have taken opportunities in my work and in my personal life to be vulnerable and share my own discoveries to come alongside those who may be struggling and join in community with them. We all have our hardships in life, and I believe support is vital during those times. I also believe that those hardships affect us in ways that may take us months or years to recognize, if we are ever able to. Trauma of all kinds can interfere with our relationships with our food and our bodies. This philosophy is the basis for my current pursuit of a master’s in Mental Health Counseling so that I can bring this skill set to Wonderfully Well.

I am morning person who loves to start my day with joyful movement, which is when I have my best ideas. I adore my dog, Gus, and love to spend time with him. I also enjoy dancing, crocheting, hiking, and volleyball. My priorities are my family and friends, and service to others, all interspersed with self-care.