On Food in Challenging Times

Have you ever gone through it? Like, just had tough circumstances in your life? I did, recently. My heart was hurting. I was anxious. A huge amount of effort went toward distracting myself so that I could deal with the thoughts and emotions in a measured, managed way, without disrupting my necessary day-to-day functioning. You’veContinue reading “On Food in Challenging Times”

Not Your Average Book Group

One of Wonderfully Well’s top services are book groups. These are organized event series in which members meet via Zoom to discuss and reflect on books in the Health At Every Size® area, including topics such as non-diet nutrition, body acceptance, and fitness. These are not your average book groups – these are intentional growthContinue reading “Not Your Average Book Group”

What Happened: One Week of Avoiding Comments on Others’ Bodies & Appearances

A while back, I realized that it is hard to feel like more than a body when we’re complimented on our bodies. If appearance-related compliments are what we receive the most of, we’ll focus on how to get more of those compliments. This can easily lead to obsession with our bodies and appearances, feeding straightContinue reading “What Happened: One Week of Avoiding Comments on Others’ Bodies & Appearances”

You’re Not Addicted to Food. I Promise.

“But I can’t stop eating x food once I start.” “Food lights up the reward center in the brain – just like drugs!” “I feel out of control around food.” I understand. It’s tough to make sense of intense desires for food or seeming inability to resist certain foods in this culture that asks usContinue reading “You’re Not Addicted to Food. I Promise.”