Five Reasons Diet Culture is So Enticing

It is HARD to quit diet culture. I know that I can sit over here in my desk chair and type pretty words about how lovely it is to not stress about dieting or exercise, and reassure you that you are beautiful because you exist. Maybe that sounds wonderful and you feel good reading that,Continue reading “Five Reasons Diet Culture is So Enticing”

The Super Diet-y Reason I Never Owned a Coffee Maker…Until Now

I didn’t drink coffee until I was in college. I didn’t like the way it tasted when I took sips from my dad’s mug, and he drank it straight black. When I was in college, I discovered that I liked coffee when it was espresso mixed with lots of milk and caramel and whipped cream.Continue reading “The Super Diet-y Reason I Never Owned a Coffee Maker…Until Now”

The Pervasiveness of Diet Culture

Understanding the concept of diet culture is imperative to even beginning to grasp Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size, the founding philosophies of Wonderfully Well. What even is diet culture? Think about it this way: If you’ve ever felt that you need to justify a “bad” food choice, that’s diet culture. If you’ve everContinue reading “The Pervasiveness of Diet Culture”